CCC provides support for Latin programs and their teachers in a variety of ways, including one-on-one coaching, consulting, training and troubleshooting.

Under the auspices of CCC, Dr. Melissa Schons Bishop offers an array of coaching options for new Latin teachers and for more experienced teachers who need a recharge or new perspective.

She also offers consulting and troubleshooting on-site, for programs in danger or in transition.  Please contact CCC directly to inquire about her availability for on-site consults and about fee schedules.

Coaching - a solution for a variety of situations including:
  • designing a program or a level of a program
  • transitioning into a new school as the "new Latin teacher"
  • bringing creative ideas and approaches to life, from brainstorming to the finished product
  • needing an experienced Latin teacher to be a mentor, at any stage of the career
  • assistance with grant-writing, applications for awards, and more
  • handling situations with students, parents and administration
  • career planning, goal setting and mapping your route to success

You can review the rates and packages for coaching at our storefront.

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