Latin & Technology (anticipated launch date 9/08)
Technology can be integrated into the study of Classics in an infinite number of ways.  CCC offers incorporates technology into its materials on several levels:
1.  subscription websites with online workbooks for the different curricula supported in our site
2.  links to online games and activities are often included as part of a piece of curriculum (i.e. a Quia vocabulary game to support the vocabulary work in a Reading Myth module)
3.  Options to purchase assessments in electronic form (ExamView and Quia)
4.  Tech Tips for Latin Teachers - one feature of the monthly membership packs
5.  Powerpoints for teaching
6.  Online classes to help Latin teachers increase their technological proficiency
7.  Internet-based activities, particularly for mythology & culture work
8.  Quia activities customized for your program
9.  Training and materials to help you bring Classroom 2.0 into your program
And much more.  We plan to launch the technology concepts of our site in September, 2008.  
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