Debuting at the ACL Convention in June, 2008, CCC will offer a full line of products for homeschooling parents and their children.  These course materials will support the following textbooks:

Minimus and Secundus - for students beginning Latin before 9th grade
Ecce Romani - for 9th-11th grade students
AP Vergil - for seniors who have completed Ecce I and II and at least one                    semester of reading original Latin

At each level, homeschooled students can opt to study independently with a self-paced online curriculum and email access to an instructor, or to purchase our all-inclusive homeschool program that is designed for the parent who will teach the material.

All homeschooling materials will include a guides to instruction designed for parents who do not know Latin themselves, but wish to include it in their child's course of study.

Additionally, online tutoring is available for homeschooled students, and coaching is available for parents.
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