CCC Publishing

CCC publishes digital and print curricular materials for Latin teachers and their students.

We invite you to submit your own ideas and curriculum for consideration.  If your work is accepted, you will work directly with Melissa Schons Bishop to produce a final version for publication and inclusion on the CCC website, and receive 60% of any sales.

All submissions must be in electronic form, and you must be prepared to provide CCC with any images or fonts that may be unique to your document.

Successful submissions will include

  • a header with the applicant's name, school, and preferred contact information, including a phone number and email
  • the year of Latin the submission applies to
  • the textbook and chapter, or Latin author & text that your submission supports
  • the curriculum - completely formatted as it would be for distribution to students
  • notes & a guide for the teacher - this might be an answer key, an explanation of how the activity should work in class, or any other information that would simplify the teacher's use of your materials
  • a footer with the title, your name and page numbering

Submissions of ideas that do not include formatted curriculum for classroom use will not be accepted. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Melissa Schons Bishop.
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