The Tools
All Latin teachers have their own tools and tricks that make their approaches and teaching styles very unique.  CCC aims to provide additional tools that will simplify many aspects of teaching, and bring to the forefront the specific skills and techniques that students must develop in order to become proficient at Latin.
The Latin trifecta, in CCC parlance, includes (1) vocabulary, (2) forms & grammar, and (3) reading & translation.  In order to master the language itself, students must master each element of the trifecta and learn to apply all of them together when reading a Latin text.
At CCC, we believe that the primary goal of studying the Classical languages is to read the authors in the original.  Our material aims to support that goal by creating a fusion between the reading approach and the "grammar/translation" approach.   No matter how the teacher prefers to handle the initial study of Latin - students ultimately need to understand that the form of the word determines its meaning - it is not enough to know vocabulary or to produce charts of endings.  It is also important for students to understand how and why a given ending limits or determines a word's meaning.   Finally, students must apply reading skills such as sorting out the basic structure of a sentence or a clause.
THE CCC TOOLBOX (tools increase in complexity in higher levels of Latin study)
1.  Vocabulary
Creative Classical Curriculum
Innovative tools for exceptional teachers of the Classics
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